Rebecca Project for Human Rights

Law and Justice, Violence Against Women

Geography: Global

Founded: 2001


2029 P Street NW
Washington, DC 20036

The Rebecca Project for Human Rights (RPHR) is a national legal and policy organization that advocates for public policy reform, justice and dignity for vulnerable families.

We Believe

The Rebecca Project works diligently to reform intersecting health, child welfare and criminal justice policies. Our goals arise from the abiding belief that:

  • families should have an opportunity to raise their children with dignity
  • children deserve lives of safety, stability, and love
  • sexual and physical violence against our women and children precipitates the trauma that often leads to involvement in addiction and the criminal justice system
  • it is far more costly and emotionally detrimental to separate parent and child as a matter of general policy and instead, placements in comprehensive long-term treatment and alternative sentencing should be prioritized
  • communities should be the voice and catalysts for institutional and systemic policy change
  • well-trained parent-advocate leaders create safe, strong, and stable communities for their families