Amethyst Women’s Project

Health and Well-Being, Violence Against Women, Economic Opportunity

Geography: United States

Founded: 1999


1907 Mermaid Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11224

About the Amethyst Women's Project

Amethyst Women’s Project seeks to achieve excellence addressing the complex social, emotional, psychological, health, housing, education, and work place related issues affecting women and families living with or impacted by HIV/AIDS, drug dependency and domestic violence in Brooklyn.

Amethyst Women’s Project began in 1999 as a volunteer grass roots outreach, counseling and referral service for drug dependent women living in Coney Island.  Its founder and current Executive Director, Aida Leon, a native Coney Islander, conceived the vision that gave rise to Amethyst and has led the initiative since its inception.

Issues of Importance

Amethyst is committed to:

  • self-help, self-sufficiency
  • group and family support
  • prevention education
  • HIV testing and counseling
  • effective health care management and behavior modification as effective tools for stemming the tide of HIV infection among the most vulnerable residents of Brooklyn

AWP provides caring, compassionate and professional services that help contribute to individual, family and community growth and development.