Boston Women’s Fund (BWF)

Law and Justice, Politics and Leadership
Boston Women’s Fund (BWF)

Geography: United States

Founded: 1984


14 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108

About the Boston Women's Fund (BWF)

The Boston Women’s Fund is a progressive foundation that supports community based organizations and grassroots initiatives run by women and girls in order to create a society based on racial, economic and social justice.


The Boston Women’s Fund believes that activism at the grassroots level strengthens the foundation and leadership for community building. We generate resources for women-led community-based efforts to create a society built upon racial, economic and social justice. We further that aim by putting resources in the hands of the community, for distribution according to community priorities. In that way, BWF gives people the power and opportunity to improve their lives, when government and other institutions are unresponsive. Our complete program roster includes:

  • Grantmaking
  • The Organizing Institute
  • Girls Programming and Leadership Development: Young Sisters for Justice in Philanthropy (YSJP)
  • Our Public Spirit