Caring Across Generations

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Caring Across Generations

Geography: United States

Founded: 2011

Caring Across Generations values quality care, intergenerational relationships, and the human dignity of all. We believe that families, communities, workers, and generations are interdependent. Our connections are an important source of strength for change.

We seek to build a new movement of everyday people to transform long-term care. Together we are introducing federal legislation to create 2 million new, quality jobs in home care; improve access to care and support services; develop career advancement models and a path to citizenship for domestic and home care workers; improve and expand Medicare and Medicaid along with an industrial strength solution to affordability challenges for those paying out-of-pocket for care.

Our movement is anchored by a national coalition of organizations including women, disability rights, older adult, worker, community, youth, student and caregiver organizations.

The Caring Across Generations campaign finds its home in cities and communities around the country. Locally “Care Councils” are leading “Care Congresses,” large town hall-like gatherings where we build together to lead state and local policy initiatives as united coalitions of seniors, people with disabilities, care workers, and families.

Caring Across Generations is both building upon and bringing new constituents to existing efforts to address the many complex issues Americans face related to care. In 2012 we are leading a robust civic engagement and communications effort that will engage millions of Americans around our core issues.