Crittenton Women’s Union (CWU)

Education, Economic Opportunity

Geography: United States

Founded: 2002


1 Washington Mall
Boston, MA 02108

About Crittenton Women's Union

CWU is a social service provider, a think tank and a grassroots advocacy organization—all in one. Each arm of the organization informs and intersects with the others, fostering a flexible, dynamic and creative environment that produces measurable results. CWU applies this unique, holistic approach to working with its clients, connecting them to a network of resources and accompanying them on their journey to economic independence.

They serve approximately 1,400 low-income individuals annually, including women and their families, teens, and young adults.


Crittenton Women's Union transforms the course of low-income women's lives so that they can attain economic independence and create better futures for themselves and their families.

CWU accomplishes this by: 

  • providing safe housing, caring supports, education and training programs
  • innovating new programmatic designs based on research and client experience
  • using this knowledge and experience to shape public policy and achieve social change