Grace After Fire

Health and Well-Being, War and Peace
Grace After Fire

Geography: United States

Founded: 2002


PO Box 185804
Fort Worth, TX 76181

Grace After Fire provides support for and helps women veterans of the United States miliary who are returning from active duty so that they can re-engage as mothers, wives and daughters in civilian life.

The Woman’s Heart began operating in 2002, attracting hundreds of women in search of crisis support services. A significant data point was the frequency of women military veterans disclosing their chronic use of alcohol and drugs as a means of coping or self-medicating their symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury and military sexual assault. The online crisis ratio trends show 8 out of 10 women veterans are in crisis at the time of contact.

This brought about a great initiative, Grace After Fire (“Grace”). Grace is designed to serve women veterans from all eras and branches of military service (currently 1.8 million), and is preparing to meet the high numbers of women (approximately 14 percent of the armed services) currently serving. Although women veterans represent less than 6 percent of veterans accessing VA healthcare, 71 percent of the women who do use the VA System have a mental health concern. Unfortunately, a challenge that can occur in offering VA services to women is providing accessible gender-responsive and trauma-informed care at all locations.

Grace is a virtual organization reaching across the nation, and is already engaging with women veterans still in theater as they prepare to come home. Grace’s Board of Directors is comprised of 80 percent veterans, managed by women veterans; and our Clinical Advisory Committee is comprised of 100 percent women trauma experts, researchers, and addiction specialists.