Lwala Community Alliance

Health and Well-Being

Geography: Kenya

Founded: 2007


PO Box 60688
Nashville, TN 37206

In April 2007, after 3 years of fundraising, the Lwala Community Health Center finally opened. Through a staff of more than 25 Kenyans, we treat an average of 1,700 patients each month and have nearly 850 people enrolled in HIV care. Over time the program has become more multi-dimensional to include small scale micro-enterprise, public health outreach, water and sanitation, and education programming. In April 2011, construction on a new maternity and integrative care wing was completed, thereby tripling the space of the original clinic. As a result, the facility is now designated as the Lwala Community Hospital.

The Lwala Community Alliance is a multi-dimensional community development project. We understand that poverty itself is multifaceted. For instance, underdevelopment in health affects school attendance and underdevelopment in school access affects future economic activity in the community. While health is our central focus, we have launched wrap-around programs in education, economic development, infrastructure, and public health education.