Ties That Matter

Health and Well-Being, Economic Opportunity

Geography: Haiti

Founded: 2009


PO Box 11914
Atlanta, GA 30355

About Ties That Matter

Ties That Matter is made up of a community of people tied together by a common dream of a whole and healthy earth and a shared belief that we are responsible for one another. Ties That Matter has determined to fulfill this mission by using donated and recycled materials to help low income women find self reliance, sustainability and self respect by creating and selling crafts made from free or recycled materials.

Ties That Matter creates unique fashion accessories of startling beauty made from donated neckties. This functional art includes one-of-a-kind handbags, totes, diaper bags, reusable grocery bags and pillows. The organizatino is zero-waste, using recycled neckties as the foundation for all designer bags and incorporate every leftover scrap of fabric into our crazy-quilt pillows. Blending talent, creativity and a desire to enhance community, Ties That Matter provides paying jobs for unemployed women with skills to share.

The organization's primary focus is Haiti, where it helps women form craft co-ops that provide reliable income for themselves and their villages.