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Tonight’s Special: Sexism, with a side of “humor”

Tensions were already high in the leadup to Australia's September election, but things kicked up a notch yesterday as photos circulated of a sexist dinner menu from a candidate's fundraiser. Dishes contained references to parts of Prime Minister Julia Gillard's body, and according to the Guardian, the menu was never actually circulated. Joe Richards, the restaurant owner, has come forward as the creator, claiming it was “a mock menu [I made] as a light-hearted joke” and emphasizing it was never intended for public distribution. Mal Brough, the Liberal National Party candidate for whom the fundraiser was held, does not intend to step down despite calls to do so by Gillard, who also attacked LNP leader Tony Abbott as a consistent perpetrator of sexist behavior.

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June 12, 2013 11:26 AM