Weiner’s women speak out

Sex scandals are nothing new for politicians, enough so that Anthony Weiner feels comfortable putting his behind him and running for office. The New York City mayor candidate has turned his past indiscretions into punchlines on the campaign trail—but the women he exchanged messages with say they've become the butt of the joke. The New York Times reports that the five women who were embroiled in the scandal are still suffering career and personal repercussions, enduring taunting and badgering from coworkers,  press, and even just strangers. One woman was forced to leave school, while another admits to drinking regularly to cope. Yet another was fired, and is now writing a book about her experiences. They all say the mayoral run is stirring up fresh attention to the two-year old scandal, and has renewed harassment of them.

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June 25, 2013 3:41 PM