Top 10 Hottest Female Politicians in the World

Beauty with brains! In the last few years, we have seen many stunning women with good looks win elections and it seems like apart from their leadership skills and other qualities, their charm and hotness quotient have also helped them to garner the attention of the people and get their votes.

There was a time when women weren’t even allowed to vote and now they are taking part in elections and even proving their mettle by winning. We must say, we have come a long way, but we still have a long way to go. In the past, Jack Nicholson made a commercial in support of Hillary Clinton. In the commercial, he used a quote from one of his movies where he said, “There is nothing on this earth sexier, believe me, gentleman, than a woman that you have to salute in the morning.” Continue reading further to learn the names of the top 10 hottest female politicians in the world.

Who are the top 10 hottest female politicians in the world

1. Mara Carfagna (Italy)

Italian politician Mara Carfagna who served as the Minister for Equal Opportunity in Berlusconi IV Cabinet from the years 2008 to 2011 tops our list of hottest female politicians in the world. She is a former showgirl and model. After graduating with a law degree, she even worked in a couple of Italian television shows. In addition to this, she also did modeling. Soon after, she stepped into the world of politics and was elected to the Chamber of Deputies for the Forza Italia party in the year 2006.

2. Alina Kabaeva (Russia)

Alina Kabaeva is a Russian politician, media manager, and retired individual rhythmic gymnast. As of this moment, she is the most popular gymnast in Russia. Over the years, she has won 18 World Championship medals, 2 Olympic medals, and 25 European Championship medals. After bidding adieu to gymnastics, she became a member of the Russian parliament representing the pro-Kremlin United Russia party. Back in the day, the air was filled with rumors that Russian President Vladimir Putin will leave his wife and marry Alina. Later on, both of them debunked the rumors. She is best noted for being a great gymnast.

3. Eva Kaili (Greece)

Eva Kaili is a Greek politician who has been serving as a member of the European Parliament since the year 2014. From January 2022, the former television presenter acted as one of fourteen vice presidents of the European until her arrest in December of the same year. At that time, she was charged with corruption as part of the Qatar corruption scandal at the European Parliament. Keeping aside her political career, she was a news presenter for the Greek television channel MEGA Channel from 2004 to 2007.

4. Joanna Mucha (Poland)

Joanna Mucha is a well-known politician and she has been representing the city of Lubin the Polish Sejm since the year 2007. She was the Minister of Sport and Tourism from November 2011 to November 2012. The center-right-leaning brunette graduated from the University of Warsaw in the year 2001. She has a Ph.D. in Economics and she even gives lectures at the Catholic University of Lubin.

5. Ruby Dhalla

The Canadian politician Ruby Dhalla is of Indian descent. She was the Member of Parliament for Brampton—Springdale in the House of Commons of Canada from 2004 to 2011 as a member of the Liberal Party. She and Nina Grewal were the very first Sikh women to hold positions in the House of Commons of Canada. She has worked to make a difference.

6. Luciana Leon (Peru)

Luciana Milagros León Romero, popularly known as Luciana Leon is a Peruvian politician. She is the daughter of Peruvian politician Rómulo León Alegría. She is the youngest member in the history of the Peruvian parliament. In the year 2009, she was named the most beautiful politician in the world by an online poll conducted by a Spanish newspaper named 20 Minutos. She comes from a family of politicians and her family has been involved in a few big corruption scandals.

7. Anna-Maria Galojan (Estonia)

The blonde beauty Anna-Maria Galojan is a former Estonian politician, model, and ex-convict. In the year 2011, she was arrested for embezzlement for which she was sentenced to 22 months in prison. At first, she gathered the attention of the people of Estonia with her self-funded ad campaign during the 2007 Parliamentary elections running for Estonian Reform Party. The campaign was a flop show but it helped her get some fame. She has been featured on the cover of Playboy magazine. Along with this, she also became the cover girl for Belgian chocolate maker Xocai.

8. Orly Levy-Abekasis (Israel)

Orly Levy-Abekasis is an Israeli politician and former member of the Knesset. She is also a former model. She first entered the Knesset in the year 2009 as a representative of Yisrael Beiteinu. Later on, she left the party in 2017 to sit as an independent. In 2019, she made her own party by the name of Gesher to contest the April 2019 elections. At the end of the day, the party didn’t win any seats and she made her way back to the Knesset following the September 2019 elections.

9. Yulia Tymoshenko (Ukraine)

Yulia Tymoshenko is a Ukrainian politician who has been the prime minister of Ukraine from February to September 2005 and from December 2007 to March 2010. She was the first and as of now the only woman to serve as the prime minister of Ukraine. She holds a degree of Candidate of Economic Science. This fierce beauty is one of the favorites of Russian president Vladimir Putin.

10. Sethrida Geagea (Lebanon)

Lebanese politician Sethrida Geagea is one of the most famous politicians in Lebanon. She has been the MP since June 2005 from the Bcharri district. She is also a member of the executive committee of the Lebanese Forces, which is led by her husband Samir Geagea. She contributed a lot to the management of the Lebanese Forces Party during her husband’s arrest between 1994 and 2005. She remains a big force in Lebanon’s Christian political scene.

Who is your favorite female politician at the moment? Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world.

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