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Women Leaders Summit: Empowering Women Forward (Conference)
Three incredible women leaders speak about how they have led the way through their vast experiences for other women to become leaders. We are inspired by their journey and want to share it with a community of women interested in changing the ratio. A keynote conversation with: Francis Hesselbein, Christine Comaford, and Carole Hyatt. The panel will be moderated by Gabriella Stern, Managing Editor of the, and will include the launch of an initiative in collaboration with the United Nations called The Happiness Assembly, powered by five inspiring, courageous, and entrepreneurial women seeking to spread Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's goals of Gross Global Happiness to the world through a beautiful global art narrative.
Brought to you by The Hatchery, empowering women forward by creating more women leaders with support from a community of women leadership organizations, Yao Huang, Colette K. Young, and Tonya Yuki.
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Host: Allen Nasseri
Regis High School (New York, NY)
55 E 84th St
New York, NY 10028