40 Girls and Some Shoes, Inc.

Health and Well-Being, Economic Opportunity

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Geography: United States

Founded: 2007


PO Box 724074
Atlanta, GA 31139

About 40 Girls and Some Shoes

40 Girls and Some Shoes' goal is to literally aid women, children and men who are taking that all important first step into a new life by providing them with new and gently worn shoes. In addition to organizing their own shoe drives and fundraisers, 40 GIrls and Some Shoes strives to make their mark by partnering with other beacons throughout the United States (shelters, ministries and government agencies) in their longstanding efforts to end homelessness.

40 Girls and Some Shoes is a Georgia-based charity outreach program servicing the homeless and impoverished citizens of the City of Atlanta and its surrounding communities. Through a vast network of partnerships and associations formed in the past 3 years, 40 Girls and Some Shoes has provided 8,000 pairs of free shoes to these underserved groups since its inception. This has been accomplished through a number of shoe drives and an annual charity event which brings together leaders of the city, other organizations aimed at serving the homeless community, and individuals who want to do their part to support this great cause. Additionally, recognizing the impact of the economic downturn in our country, 40 Girls and Some Shoes stepped up its efforts to also meet the demands of the unemployed and underemployed, some of whom are at risk of becoming homeless themselves.