A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative (A-WOW IGLI)

Politics and Leadership
A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative (A-WOW IGLI)

Geography: Global

Founded: 2008


P O Box 116411
Carrollton, TX 75011

About A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative (A-WOW IGLI)

A-WOW International Girls Leadership Initiative is the foundation of education, knowledge and innovation for girls aspiring to be leaders of the next generation. Based in Dallas, Texas, USA, A-WOW IGLI actively promotes multiculturalism, leadership, education and innovation with a global female-based initiative that prepare girl ages 16-21 to assume active leadership roles in their community and global society. Through A-WOW IGLI, students embark upon a lifetime of meaningful participation. Training and exposure will help prepare them to become well-informed leaders and citizens. Emphases are placed on the connections between local and global conditions, challenges and opportunities. They are introduced to new ideas and perspectives, an accultration which will help them become richer and stronger leaders in making the world a better place.

Currently operating in the United States, Liberia, Ghana, and Costa Rica, A-WOW IGLI is a small grassroots non-profit organization but doing great things and transforming communities and lives.


  • A-WOW Junior Ambassadors Leadership Program [A-JALP]
  • A-WOW Leadership and Development Institute
  • A-WOW Annual Spring Boot-camp
  • A-WOW Call To Action Film Screening and Discussion Panel
  • A-WOW Young Women Leadership World Summit [AWS]
  • A-WOW Mentoring Symposium Retreat
  • A-WOW Youth Advocacy Project [A-YAP]
  • A-WOW Programs Scholarship