Alma Sana Inc.

Education, Health and Well-Being
Alma Sana Inc.

Geography: Peru

Founded: 2012


Indianapolis, IN

About Alma Sana Inc.

Founded in 2012, Alma Sana Inc. is a social enterprise aimed at reducing health inequalities among populations by increasing immunization coverage in resource-poor areas worldwide. Alma Sana believes in achieving this goal through involvement, education, and empowerment of local populations and through partnership with multisectoral healthcare professionals and advocates in developing and developed countries. Alma Sana also strives to establish equitable relationships with the countries’ local charities, government entities, and healthcare systems in an effort to collectively improve the well-being and lives of the people it serves.

The goal of Alma Sana is to increase rates of full and timely immunization through Peruvian mothers’ use of a simple reminder bracelet, to be worn by her child from birth to age four. Use of this bracelet will enable mothers to more easily track the immunization records of their children, resulting in more children living to age five. Furthermore, nurses will be able to see more patients at their clinics, and the Peruvian Ministry of Health will cut the total costs of immunization. The bracelet is simple and non-mechanical in design, inexpensive to manufacture, and uses symbols instead of words to convey vaccine information, so the information can be easily understood to the illiterate, Quechua-speaking mothers.