Education, Economic Opportunity

Geography: Pakistan

Founded: 2011


The mission of BLISS is to create premium fashion that also provides dignity and growth to those living at the bottom of the pyramid.

The fashion industry employs 250 million people (that’s 1/6th of the world’s population!), and 75% of these people live and work in the developing world. The massive size of this industry puts it in a unique position to tackle big problems like poverty. Yet this very industry is ranked 2nd worst in the world for social and environmental abuse. BLISS wants to change these numbers.

Currently, BLISS is working with 50 women and girls in Hafizabad, teaching them embroidery and needlework on fabric, which are finished into handbags for sale in global markets. In March 2013, they plan to start working with 50 more women in a new community close to Lahore. This year, they also plan on supplementing their skills training with an entrepreneurship curriculum. Their long term aim is to ensure a community buy-in, so that the women have complete ownership of the enterprise.

BLISS believe in change that lasts. They do not just connect the girls and women to viable markets. Instead, they teach them how to do market research so they can find their own markets!