Calvary Women’s Services

Education, Economic Opportunity

Geography: United States

Founded: 1983


110 Maryland Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002

About Calvary Women's Services

Calvary began as a single emergency shelter in the basement of a church in 1983. Since then we have grown into an organization that offers housing and services to homeless women through three programs – Calvary Women’s Shelter, Sister Circle, and Pathways. Through these programs, Calvary carries out its mission to achieve excellence in what we offer – a safe, caring place for tonight; support, hope and change for tomorrow.

Women who come to Calvary find more than a safe place to live and basic needs like nutritious meals. Calvary also provides women educational programs, employment opportunities, personal support from case managers, mental health services, addiction recovery support and much more. With a strong emphasis on resident involvement, collaboration with other agencies, and excellence in management, Calvary strives to provide the best possible services to women in need in our community.


Calvary's mission is to achieve excellence in what they offer: a safe, caring place for tonight; support, hope and change for tomorrow. Calvary's mission is two-fold: to provide homeless women with a place to live and basic services and to help educate and empower women for independent living.


  • Calvary Transitional Housing Program is a transitional housing program for all women in need. Support services ensure that women who stay at the shelter are able to make positive steps toward independence.
  • Pathways is a transitional housing program that offers stability and support for 13 women who have been chronically homeless. This unique program reaches out to some of the most vulnerable members of our community to offer them the care they need in a safe, comfortable space as they prepare for independent living.
  • Sister Circle, their permanent housing program, offers long-term support and independent housing to women in recovery from substance addiction, many of whom struggle with chronic medical conditions such as HIV/AIDS and cancer. In addition to making support services available, Sister Circle provides a close-knit community of peer support.