Centre for Girls & Interaction (CEGI)

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Centre for Girls & Interaction (CEGI)

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Geography: Malawi


P.O Box 651
Mzuzu - Northern Region
Southern Africa

About the Centre for Girls & Interaction (CEGI)

The Centre for Girls & Interaction (CEGI), is a non-profit organization working in the northern region of Malawi, focusing on creating access to information on girls' and young women's rights or related issues through interaction, advocacy, documentation, education, networking for positive change.

CEGI's mission is to mobilize young women and girls to achieve their full potential in meeting their needs through promotion of girl’s participation and interaction for change.


  • To improve gender equality and equity through advocacy and lobbying
  • To promote human trafficking awareness and sensitization
  • Increase involvement and participation of the grassroots in policy making and implementation
  • To provide information channels for the enhancement of awareness of women's rights, and services available to communities (reproductive health, education, and training)
  • To empower local communities and women in particular to self sufficiency using integrated approaches to income generation that contribute to poverty reduction
  • To build relationships and collaborate on projects that promotes and disseminates the important voices of young women and girls