Clube de Mães Frei Gil

Health and Well-Being, Law and Justice, Economic Opportunity


Phone: 99.9136.1759

Geography: Maranhão, Brazil

Founded: 1986


Rua Bandeirante, 08/1208, Bairro Bandeirante – Estreito – MA
Estreito, Maranhão

About Clube de Mães Frei Gil

The Clube de Mães Frei Gil was created by a group of women whose shared experiences with human rights violations, economic difficulty and gender inequality motivated them to take action.

Maranhão is ranked with the second lowest Human Development Index of any Brazilian state. Moreover, a patriarchal society presents daily challenges to women, while the lack of targeted policies and informational campaigns increase vulnerability to diseases like AIDS, breast cancer, and issues such as teen pregnancy and domestic violence.

Since 1986, the Club has implemented programs supporting women’s social and cultural development and contributing to income generation for their families. With BrazilFoundation’s support, 40 women from low-income families in the town Estreito will receive professional sewing courses, with aims at empowering them to generate income, gain financial independence, and respect from families and society more broadly.