F7 Group

War and Peace, Economic Opportunity
F7 Group

Geography: United States

Founded: 2011


3419 Westminster Avenue, Suite 320
Dallas, TX 75205


F7 provides fundamental tools, systems and networks through retreats, boot camps and technology based platforms.  They provide these services though sponsorships and donations made to the organization.  In addition, they provide corporate trainings through the VETPro program, teaching companies “how to speak VET“.

  • F7 Group Weekend Retreats
  • F7 Group 3-day intensive Entrepreneurial Boot Camps with Leading Industry Experts
  • F7 Group 1/2 day skills training & mentoring programs and workshops
  • VETPro: Corporate Training program designed to teach companies how to attract, retain & accommodate.
  • Grants for WIMSA Memorial
  • Scholarships for F7 affiliate programs (Copperrock Business Solutions, Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour, Heart & Sold, InterSource, and more)