Education, Innovation, Economic Opportunity

Geography: Cambodia

Founded: 2009


1208 1st Avenue East
Menomonie, WI 54751


GETSET-GO is a 501(c)(3) social benefit organization that provides high-quality educational opportunities, to empower girls and women to lift themselves (and others) out of the trap of poverty, ignorance, abuse and human trafficking, problems which are still widespread in much of the developing world. They achieve this empowerment in several forms, including:

  • Opening Women's Libraries / Learning Centers, and conducting a wide variety of distributed learning and empowerment projects.
  • Intelligently employing practical, sustainable and user-friendly educational technology to augment girls' education.
  • Scholarships and mentoring programs to inspire girls to help lift up other girls as they achieve their own success.
  • Teacher and NGO staff training programs, and an online community to enable women to guide and support each other.

With deep expertise in both education and educational technology, their mission is to remove (or bypass) the barriers to accessing education, commonly faced by girls and women in poor countries, barriers which lock them into a life of poverty.

About the Women's Libraries/Learning Centers

When possible, GETSET-GO begins by opening free, 24-hour women's libraries / learning centers, for girls and women who do not have the ability to attend school or for those who wish to expand their education beyond what their local schools offer.

These learning centers serve as a foundation from which they can branch out into more remote areas, to help girls who face even greater geographic and financial obstacles to access high-quality education. GETSET-GO uses a wide variety of mobile and sustainable technologies, selected according to the unique needs of every community.

The goal is to have each learning center become self-managed (by local women earning an excellent salary), self-funding (through local business initiatives and local fund-raising) and self-propagating (through mentoring women to help others) as quickly as possible. GETSET-GO will provide them the initial financial support and training they need to become self-sufficient.