Hope Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh

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Founded: 2000


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About the Hope Foundation for Women and Children of Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a high rate of illiteracy, frequent natural disasters and lack of natural resources that constantly erodes its social and financial infrastructure. Despite tremendous efforts by hardworking Bangladeshis to improve their lives, the standard of living is constantly declining.

Bangladesh has an extremely high infant and child mortality rate. Most of these deaths could be prevented with a mass education program of preventative health and early intervention to manage infectious conditions. The ratio of healthcare workers and health facilities is extremely low and consequently, the health needs of this country are vastly unmet. Due to overwhelming financial constraints of the Bangladesh government, these health needs cannot be addressed only through the local government.

Founded to address the needs of the women and children of Bangladesh, Hope Foundation supports the Cox's Bazar Hospital for Women and Children and Hope Medical Centers which aim to serve millions of people by providing education, acute medical care, treatment, and the rehabilitation of sick, injured, disabled and destitute women and children of Bangladesh.