International Association of Working Mothers

Law and Justice, Economic Opportunity

Geography: United States

Founded: 2008

About the International Association of Working Mothers

The International Association of Working Mothers is a charitable organization dedicated to making a significant difference in building and sustaining healthy communities by unlocking the potential of the working mothers through advocacy and education.

Through its programs, the International Association of Working Mothers serves as an advocate and as a resource for economic and social justice of working mothers by providing opportunities for working mothers to cultivate leadership to build strong families and strong communities.

The International Association of Working Mothers' vision is to be the global voice of all working mothers, and to have a significant impact around the world in expanding leadership opportunities, fostering social justice, safety, health and wellness, education and dismantling cultural paradigm barriers that keep working mothers from advancing and diminish their ability to provide for their families and communities.


  • The National Association For Moms In Business - The leading national association representing and serving the needs of 15 million entrepreneur, executive and CEO moms. The programs offers free education and support to moms in business.
  • Moms Making a Million - Helping moms with financial education and resources that will help them become debt-free and create a solid path to financial freedom will reduce poverty in America.
  • Create Your Dreams Awards - The leading national awards honoring and recognizing working mothers who have created their dreams and balance work and family while making a significant impact for the better in their communities.