Korean American Community Foundation (KACF)

Culture and Media, Health and Well-Being, Economic Opportunity
Korean American Community Foundation (KACF)

Geography: United States

Founded: 2002


501 Fifth Ave, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10017

Founded in 2002, the Korean American Community Foundation (KACF) has grown to become a trusted source of philanthropy within the Korean and Asian American communities.

KACF seeks to mobilize Korean Americans to embrace a strategic and collective culture of giving and with funds raised, support not only the Korean community but all communities to empower the lives of individuals, strengthen families and transform communities.

To date, KACF has awarded nearly $2.7 million in grants to nonprofit organizations that are helping individuals and families to become more healthy, safe and economically self-sufficient. Their grantee partners range from small neighborhood-based organizations that provide critical social services to large organizations that provide direct services and work to change policies to improve the conditions of the community.

KACF funds in six priority areas: Economic Security, Health, Safety, Senior Empowerment, Youth Empowerment and Intercommunity Development.