Mama Cash

Law and Justice, Violence Against Women, Economic Opportunity

Geography: Global

Founded: 1983


Eerste Helmersstraat 17
1054 CX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

About Mama Cash

Mama Cash is the oldest international women's fund - established in the Netherlands in 1983. It supports pioneering and innovative women's initiatives around the world, because they believes that social change starts with women and girls.

Every woman and girl has the power and resources to participate fully and equally in creating a peaceful, just, and sustainable world. Courageous women and girls' human rights organisations worldwide need funding and supportive networks in order to grow and transform their communities.

Mama Cash mobilizes resources from individuals and institutions and makes grants to women and girls' human rights organisations and initiatives. They help their grantees to build the partnerships and networks needed to successfully defend and advance women and girls' human rights globally. They help to realize the dreams of women and men who want to provide financial resources to strengthen women and girls' human rights movements.