Movimento de Mulheres de São Gonçalo (MMSG)

Health and Well-Being, Law and Justice, Violence Against Women
Movimento de Mulheres de São Gonçalo (MMSG)

Geography: Brazil

Founded: 1989


Rua Jaime Figueiredo, 2685 – Camarão
São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro

About Movimento de Mulheres de São Gonçalo (MMSG)

The Women's Movement in São Gonçalo, a civil society organization founded in 1989, has as main objectives to fight in defense of women's rights and against discrimination and inequalities arising from sex, race/ethnicity, religion and income.


On March 8, 1989, International Women's Day, the Women's Movement in São Gonçalo was founded when women gathered in the College Hall gonçalenses Castelo Branco to reflect on the status of women and all charges that afflict simply because they were born female.