Movimento de Mulheres Nordeste Paraense (MMNEPA)

Health and Well-Being, Law and Justice, Violence Against Women
Movimento de Mulheres Nordeste Paraense (MMNEPA)

Geography: Pará, Brazil

Founded: 1997


Avenida Presidente Médici, 756 –
Primeira Capanema, Pará
68.700-050 Brasil

About Movimento de Mulheres Nordeste Paraense (MMNEPA)

The Women’s Movement of the Northeast of Pará (MMNEPA), an organization founded by women who have fought since 1997 to address the culture of violence against women in the northeastern state of Pará, seeks to educate and empower women to recognize their own rights.

The organization was founded on, and continually strives to achieve, the following principles: Increased credibility of and recognition for women, whether or not they work with MMNEPA; The empowerment of women to take on occupations traditionally reserved only for men; Improved quality of life for all women; Increased self-esteem through a renewed focus on women’s education; Emergence of new women’s groups and associations. The MMNEPA's efforts are directed through the project Mulheres Protagonistas do Desenvolvimento (Women as Protagonists of Development), a BrazilFoundation grantee with a seat on the Women's Rights State Council.