Nomi Network

Innovation, Violence Against Women, Economic Opportunity
Nomi Network

Geography: Global

Founded: 2009


PO Box 533
New York, NY 10116

About the Nomi Network

The Nomi Network is a nonprofit 501(c)3 based in New York City that is dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty that perpetuates human trafficking globally. Specifically, Nomi Network leverages the fashion industry to implement product design, development and marketing strategies for slave-free products. This process creates employment and career development opportunities for women who are survivors and/or at risk of being trafficked. Nomi also manufactures products with our signature label, "Buy Her Bag, Not Her Body ®" to raise awareness about this global humanitarian issue. Proceeds from the sale of these bags provide wages, healthcare, and training for the women we serve currently in South East Asia.

They envision creating 100,000 jobs for at-risk women and survivors of human trafficking by 2025.

To increase the financial independence of women who are vulnerable to trafficking, The Nomi Network:

  • Improves the design and quality of the products they procure
  • Uses modern marketing techniques to increase their access to the market place
  • Increases their partner’s capacity to hire more women-at-risk and survivors of human trafficking.


In 2007 Diana Mao traveled to Cambodia for a micro-finance research fellowship and met young girls that were exploited and were vulnerable to sex-trafficking. The stories of the girls compelled her to want to take action. Shortly after she returned to New York City, Diana met Alissa Moore, who had recently returned from a social justice conference where she learned about human trafficking for the first time. Together they took a trip to Cambodia to explore ways they could develop products that would create job opportunities for women at risk and survivors of human trafficking.

Upon returning from Cambodia, Diana was introduced to Supei Liu, an experienced Product Developer who had a similar vision to benefit women in impovershed communities through product creation. Supei joined Nomi Network enabling them to launch their pilot program Cambodia in 2009. Nomi Network has since blossomed into a passionate network of volunteers, partner organizations and activists who are involved with design, development, and distribution for the organization.