Project Eve

Economic Opportunity

Geography: Global

Founded: 2011

About Project Eve

Project Eve is a social network for female entrepreneurs and small business owners. The virtual community gives current and aspiring female entrepreneurs the ability to be a part of a social work environment, a network to share and test ideas, access to resources, and support. In addition to relieving some of the isolation and uncertainty tied to starting a business, Project Eve allows members to develop relationships with people previously thought out of reach as well as a platform to demonstrate their expertise, market, and grow their ideas.


Project Eve is the brainchild of co-founders, Meridith Dennes, CEO, and Kim Oksenberg, COO. After both had experienced high-powered careers while trying to raise families, they reevaluated their lives and realized they needed increased flexibility and work/life balance. They also discovered that globally more women were turning to entrepreneurship, but needed help in establishing their businesses. They knew that in creating an online forum for women, a new woman would be born; a confident in-charge woman striving for success. They named the site:  Project Eve, a cross-industry network where a new Eve could hire a blogger in N.Y., a web designer in Australia, or a brand expert in Los Angeles. In short, Project Eve evolved to the ultimate network for women in business to help build and fulfill their dreams of creating their own business on their own terms.