Safeworld International Foundation

Health and Well-Being, Violence Against Women, War and Peace
Safeworld International Foundation

Geography: Global

Founded: 2008

About Safeworld International Foundation

The Safeworld International Foundation is an independent non-governmental organization which works with grassroots organizations and promotes the rights of women and children. Registered in the UK, Safeworld is a women-led NGO, working with grassroots organisations to:

  • promote women’s empowerment and sustainable development
  • tackle the root causes of poverty and oppression
  • bring about positive social and economic change at a global level

Their website connects women and women’s organisations from different backgrounds and cultures in order to promote dialogue and collaboration on key issues affecting women and children.

Independent from government, corporate or national interests, Safeworld highlights abuse of human rights throughout the world, educates and mobilizes the public, and campaigns to improve policy and attitudes.


The diverse, multi-cultural team of volunteers is spread throughout the globe. They work to abolish human trafficking and slavery, domestic violence, poverty, war crimes and all forms of abuse of women and children. They campaign for women's rights advocates who have been unjustly detained.


The hub of Safeworld's work is their webzine: 'Safe World for Women'.

The webzine provides a resource of articles on women’s rights issues, including their interviews with key women’s rights advocates. They cover a range of subjects from human trafficking, domestic violence and honour killings to children’s rights, conflict and peace and advocacy.