Sou Digna

Education, Health and Well-Being, Law and Justice, Economic Opportunity


Phone: 206.745.2430

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Geography: Salvador, Brazil

Founded: 2011


1037 NE 65th Street #159
Seattle, WA 98115

About Sou Digna

Sou Digna means "I am worthy" in Portuguese. A sense of worthiness is fundamental to the health and vibrancy of women and their societies. Where women live with dignity and security, all members of society are better able to thrive. Sou Digna works with African-Brazilian women in Salvador to creat a world in which all women live in dignity, security, and equality.

Sou Digna is guided by five core values: self-determination; equality, community, sustainability, and learning.

Sou Digna works towards the following goals:

  • to create a safe space where women can receive basic services and develop skills pertaining to health and safety;
  • to promote knowledge about human and legal rights and the skills needed to achieve them;
  • to give women access to livelihoods that provide a living wage and opportunities for professional advancement;
  • to provide support and education to help impoverished women attend university;
  • to foster relationships between people in the United States and underprivileged women in countries such as Brazil in order that they may understand and help each other;
  • to create educational opportunities and activities in the United States to improve understanding of people living in poverty in Brazil and worldwide.