The Tinogana Foundation

The Tinogana Foundation

Geography: Zimbabwe

Founded: 2011


147 Chestnut Street
Salinas, CA 93901

About the Tinogona Foundation

Dr. Tererai Trent has a bold vision - she believes education is the main pathway out of poverty. She also knows the state of schools in many developing countries and the disadvantages faced by thousands of children. At times the challenge seems too big to tackle. But Tinogona means, "It is achievable," in the Shona language, her native tongue.

The Zimbabwe native is living proof. Raised in a rural, cattle-herding village, Dr. Trent overcame her impoverished upbringing by holding fast to her desire to have an education.

She envisions a world where all children have access to safe schools and educational resources, where they can find their voices and know their immense potential. And she is unfailingly committed to this.

The Matau School project is close to her heart. Dr. Trent's former elementary school in northern Zimbabwe is currently in deteriorating shambles, too small for the large numbers of children and lacking in supplies, such as desks, books, and bathrooms.

But that's about the change.

In conjunction with Save the Children, Dr. Trent is leading the charge to repair the school and provide for its students through a three-year plan.The Oprah Winfrey Foundation's $1.5 million donation has boosted this effort and paved the way for formerly impossible results.

And The Matau School is only the start.