Women’s Network for a Sustainable Future (WNSF)

Women’s Network for a Sustainable Future (WNSF)

Geography: United States

Founded: 2000


355 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10017

About the Women's Network for a Sustainable Future

Women’s Network for a Sustainable Future (WNSF), a 501 (c) 3 corporation, is the premier sustainability organization for women in business. Its substantive and highly practical programs featuring responsible, high-performance business practices, help businesswomen assume major roles championing sustainability.

WNSF works to achieve an important outcome -more businesswomen providing strong sustainability leadership in more organizations, demonstrably advancing companies’ progress in applying sustainable practices.

WNSF believes that integrating responsible, sustainable practices throughout organizations is key to building sustainable enterprises – and a sustainable future. That’s why WNSF welcomes participation from women in all parts of business including marketing, communications, legal affairs, human resources, finance, strategy, philanthropy, corporate citizenship and environment, health and safety. There are no formal membership requirements.

Our programs engage businesswomen in sustainability; advance women’s knowledge of sustainability principles and practices; and advance women’s skills in developing and leading sustainability initiatives in their companies. They are highly effective because they promote learning from best practices, including the formal sharing of how companies have achieved high performance by applying sustainability principles, as well as through creative collaboration and on-going peer-to-peer support.

WNSF reaches more than 5000 executive women annually who want to make a difference in their companies and the world - through regional in-person programs and increasingly, through web-based programming and communications. Anyone is welcome to attend WNSF programs - fees are charged for most events.