August 30, 2011

Egypt’s Digital Sex-Assault Map

The military may have performed "virginity tests" on protestors, but women have been harassed for years. Eliza Griswold talks to the founders of a social networking site designed for victims. Read More »

August 30, 2011

Female Trafficking Soars in Iraq

Rania was 16 years old when officials raped her during Saddam Hussein’s 1991 crackdown in Iraq’s Shia south. "My brothers were sentenced to death, and the price to stop this was to offer my body," she says. Read More »

August 30, 2011

Pregnant in Putin’s Russia

An expectant mother's journey through the modern Moscow medical system. Read More »

August 30, 2011

Underreported and Unchecked: Sexual Violence Against Somali Refugee Women

Refugee women struggling to survive in the Horn of Africa face the additional threat of sexual violence. Read More »

August 30, 2011

After the Taliban: Swat women on changing life

Swat in north-west Pakistan is still recovering from a period of militancy several years ago. Men and women deemed un-Islamic were killed by the Taliban and their bodies dumped on the street. Hundreds of girls' schools were destroyed before the army ousted the militants in 2009. A local school girl and Swat's first woman to train as a lawyer told Nosheen Abbas of the BBC how life is changing Read More »

August 30, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi’s female bodyguards claim rape

Gaddafi's bodyguards say they were blackmailed into joining his forces, then raped. Read More »

August 29, 2011 | Profile

Egypt’s First Woman President?

The talk-show host has rattled religious conservatives, the state-owned media and now the army, too. Ursula Lindsey interviews Buthayna Kamel, Cairo’s most outspoken woman. Read More »

August 29, 2011

Sheryl Sandberg on the Power of Facebook

At an inspiring breakfast, Sheryl Sandberg dished on how social media is revolutionizing women's lives. Read More »

August 29, 2011

Pakistan’s Gang-Rape Verdict Travesty

A high court set free several of the men accused of the shocking gang-rape of Mukhtar Mai. Gayle Tzemach Lemmon on why the activist for women's rights now fears for her life. Read More »

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