April 17, 2013 | Environment, Health and Well-Being, Economic Opportunity

Making a Home for the Homeless

Turning bare walls into a place of warmth and welcome.

Co-founders Treger Strasberg (far left) and Ana Smith (far right) with the first family that Humble Design helped.

It's a big step when a down-on-their-luck family finally moves out of a homeless shelter or a domestic violence facility into a subsidized apartment. But making four bare walls feel like home becomes just one more challenge.

That's when Humble Design springs into action. The nonprofit repurposes gently used household goods to provide former shelter residents with a safe and comfortable home—allowing the families to dedicate their time and energy to finding employment and education and creating a better future.

Humble Design was founded in 2009 by Ana Smith and Treger Strasberg, who wanted to contribute to the growth and re-building of Detroit. Their organization has the capacity to work with two families per week and partners with local shelters to identify families that could use their help. So far they have assisted more than 240 families.

There's an eco angle to this, too. One hundred percent of the furniture used is donated, making it the ultimate in recycling. Monetary donations are used to move families into their new homes, for minor repairs and cleaning supplies.

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