The Top 12 Stores for 2023 to Purchase Lab-Grown Diamonds

6Dec 2023

We had to assemble a team of seven testers, twenty-one pieces of diamond jewelry, a physicist, a laser

Eye-popping insurance policy in order to do the Brides diamond testing and create our ranking of the top retailers of lab-grown diamond jewelry.

Lab-created diamonds are chemically identical to real diamonds, but they cost less and have the same shine. 

You may also feel good about wearing them because they are an environmentally friendly option because they are ethically and sustainably sourced. 

 And let there be no doubt about it: both are genuine diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds in terms of appearance

Composition, and chemistry, in contrast to synthetic diamonds. Is that the only distinction? 

Natural diamonds are extracted from the Earth, whereas lab diamonds are produced in a controlled environment.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) specialist Dr. Ulrika D'Haenens-Johanssen led the Brides team in testing 21 items of lab-grown diamond jewelry