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25th Anniversary Celebrating Women Breakfast (Fundraiser)

Twenty five years ago, a small group of visionary women from diverse backgrounds joined forces to found The New York Women's Foundation. Their goal was to identify and fund community organizations in New York City run by and for women whose programs assisted low-income women and girls, a group that at the time only received 3% of nation-wide foundation funding. That year the NYWF held its first Celebrating Women Breakfast in a crowded church hall and distributed $50,000 to four community-based groups.

Twenty five years later the New York Womens Foundations annual Breakfast is the premiere fundraising event for women of conscience in New York City. The Foundation has distributed more than $28 million in grants to over 280 organizations that support women becoming economically secure, live in safety, and have their rights protected. In 2011, we supported almost 70 community organizations with $4 million in grants. For our 25th year, we hope to again increase our funding, to fill the funding gap that the recession has created. In 2012, we plan to distribute $5 million in grants.

We hope that you will stand with us and support the Celebrating Women Breakfast, our largest annual fundraising event, raising $2 million each year. By supporting the Breakfast, you will help increase the funding to women and families living in New York City. You will help strengthen the city in which you live and work, a city in which 1 in 4 women live below the poverty line. Stand with us, and help empower women to get a living wage job, support their family, live in safe neighborhoods, escape domestic abuse, and protect their sexual health and wellness.

Time: Thursday, May 10, 2012 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM EDT
Host: Allen Nasseri
Marriott Marquis (New York, NY)
1535 Broadway
New York, NY 10036