African Aid Organization (AFAID)

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Geography: Africa

Founded: 2010


1325 G Street NW
Washington, DC 20005

African Aid Organization, Inc. (AFAID) is a non-profit organization devoted to providing first-class assistance, support, and education to the Most Vulnerable children in Sub-Saharan Africa. We help these children who are affected by HIV/AIDS or who deal with the hardships of poverty by investing in them and in their future.

HIV/AIDS continues to be a major development, global health and security challenge in Sub-Saharan Africa. It reverses life expectancy gains, erodes productivity, decimates the workforce, consumes savings and dilutes poverty efforts. Fortunately, factors contributing to the problem can be addressed with strategic programs.

For eight years, African Aid Organization Incorporated (AFAID) has been supporting vulnerable children and their families in order to meet their diverse needs, while bringing joy and hope into their lives. AFAID continues to provide a myriad of services in the area of Prevention education and interventions, financial and psychosocial support as well as Poverty reduction. In addition, AFAID acts as advocates on behalf of vulnerable children and marginalized populations.

Along with providing support, protection against exploitation, abuse and violence, we are also committed to helping them to become more productive and self sufficient. This allows them to avoid At-Risk behavior, reduce school dropout at early age. Since our inception in 2002, we have inspired over 50 volunteers to aid in our community-based efforts in sub-Saharan Africa. Our volunteers are renowned for their compassion, leadership, expertise, and guidance.

Our goal is to increase youth’s commitment and abilities to avoid or reduce behaviors that put them at risk of infection. We share our message through a series of interactive theatrical presentation workshops conducted every year and through one-on-one weekly outreach sessions. Along with addressing HIV/AIDS, AFAID provides means to minimize the effects of poverty. This later tool prevents young girls to engage in transactional sex as a survival strategy.