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Geography: United States

Founded: 2005


111 Pine Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Emerge America is the premier training program for Democratic women. We inspire women to run, we hone their skills to win. Our goal is clear: to increase the number of Democratic women in public office.In only five short years Emerge has trained almost 700 Democratic women to run for office: 43% of Emerge alumnae have run for office or been appointed to local boards or commissions, and of those who have run for office, 60% have won. In addition, we have a strong record of diversity: 40% of our alumnae are women of color. 

Since 2002 Emerge States have recruited, inspired, and trained over 500 women to run for elective offive. Our network is growing fast and we currently have 9 states including our first southern program in Kentucky, which launched in 2009. Emerge America's long-term goal is to launch programs in 50 states, with multiple Emerge organizations in states whose geography merits that type of presence. Because we cannot go into all 50 states at once, we are prioritizing states based on a series of factors that include the benefit of Emerge to the Democratic party, organizational sustainability, and what we call "women friendliness."