Empowering Women of Nepal

Environment, Economic Opportunity

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Geography: Nepal

Founded: 1999


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Program Growth & Development

Women slave in their households and fields day after day, carrying crippling loads and holding the burdens of society silently on their backs. They do their work thanklessly and without pay. The life of a trekking guide or porter revitalizes them, it's the first time in their life, that their efforts are compensated and appreciated.Throughout the history of the program, EWN has had the privilege of witnessing women revitalize their lives with their newfound economic independence. With gainful employment, women are able to improve their education, their health, and their standard of living.

The economic benefits the women gain from guide training not only enrich their own lives, but also improve the lives of their families. One client witnessed the trainee guide hand her salary to her sister, "to help educate her young niece and nephew." The trainee learned the value of education, and wished to invest in their futures as well as her own. Other women support elderly parents, young children, and aid in improving the standard of living for their community. These results demonstrate that a small ripple, extends far into the community, promoting long-term social change and improving the quality of life.

Expanding Social Boundaries

Traditionally in Nepal, a woman's role is one of sacrifice and duty. For a woman to take another path invites intense social scrutiny. Through the program, women learn to combat social oppression with grace and courage. EWN develops women's emotional and intellectual skills to reject these limitations.For the first time in their lives, women, suffocating under strict social rules, can finally exhale. A single mother of two, joined the program, and now feels like she is capable of providing a good life for her and her daughters, "I feel like I have been let out of my prison. For the first time in my life, I have the freedom to live how I choose."

Through their diligence and courage, these women are paving the way to social freedom, a road which all women can travel.