Empowerment of African Women (EOAW)

Violence Against Women
Empowerment of African Women (EOAW)

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Geography: Africa

Founded: 2010


Satakunnankatu 31 B, 3krs
Tampere 33210

The EOAW is aimed at changing and restating the mindset of the world at large concerning Africa. EOAW gives a non-political platform for women and young girls to achieve their personal growth and development, that's why it's laying a strong foundation for women and girls as leaders of the future letting them know that they can make it in life.The life of the world is in a womb of a woman, to nurture it and bring it to life, that's why we say "THE WORLD IS IN OUR HANDS" We can not sit back in ignorance and watch women and young girls, the backbone of every society, crying and groaning in pain. We can't behold the expression of tears, fears, worries, and lack of hope for tomorrow on the face of victimized girls. We say "NO". There is something we can do! We have come to do it, and we need your encouragement, strength and word of support. "YES WE CAN"