Invisible Girl Project (IGP)

Education, Health and Well-Being, Violence Against Women
Invisible Girl Project (IGP)

Geography: India


PO Box 301103
Indianapolis, IN 46230

About IGP

The mission of IGP is to combat sex determination abortion, the murder of little girls once they are born, and other discriminations against girls in India. IGP supports existing organizations and indigenous people that are working to rescue and care for unborn, newborn, and young girls, as well as striving to change the perceived value of females in the Indian culture. IGP believes that long-term change occurs through education, trade training, and the development of micro-finance initiatives that will better equip and empower Indian women.

The organisation focuses on raising awareness, improving housing, food and water, funding education and supporting trade training programs.


  • RESCUE: We support Indian organizations that rescue unwanted baby girls and vulnerable young girls.
  • AWARENESS: We seek to increase global awareness of the various discrimiinations against Indian girls and women.
  • HOUSING/FOOD/WATER: We increase the capacity of Indian organziations by helping meet their financial needs, so that they can provide safe, healthy and loving environments in which young Indian girls can flourish.
  • EDUCATION: We provide financial support for Indian girls so that they can receive quality primary, secondary, and even college educations.
  • TRADE TRAINING: We support Indian organizations that give women opportunities to be trained and earn a living for themsleves and their families.


  • Baby/Child Rescue
  • Water/Health
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Education