The Levo League

Politics and Leadership, Economic Opportunity

Geography: United States

Founded: 2011


833 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10003

About the Levo League

The Levo League is the first online destination designed to connect Gen Y women with career opportunities and ensure their success. Levo, a Latin word, means “to smooth, polish, or otherwise improve” and is the root of the word “elevate,” which captures the company’s mission for the young professional.

Founded in 2011 by Caroline Ghosn and Amanda Pouchot, The Levo League is a community of dynamic women in the first 10 years of their career path who are looking to advance personally and professionally.

Striving for success in the professional realm is challenging, but ascending as a community strengthens us all. The Levo League is determined to provide young women with the resources to become the women they want to be and to elevate themselves into the most balanced, healthy, successful leaders that they can.