7 Strongest Female Characters in Literature We All Wanted To Be

Here you can check out some of the strong female characters in literature who are deeply loved by the audience.

Books and movies are the places where most of us look for inspiration. Different people are interested in different genres. Some may like sweet little rom-com, magical realism interests some, some may incline murder mystery, and some are die-hard fans of literary fiction. No matter which genre you like, a female-driven plot is a cherry on the cake for most people.

These days when men and women are equally moving forward and achieving great success in different fields. These female-driven novels tend to give a little push in a positive direction to the readers from a very tender age. Any reader – a boy or a girl – who finds comfort in reading would appreciate a strong female protagonist in the world of toxic masculinity. It takes a really solid personality to reflect on the messy parts of our society and some of the strong female characters are doing that.

Strongest female characters in literature

Here are some of the strongest women in literature, ranging from feisty personalities to daily life heroes, who we all strive to be like. Let us dive into the list of the strongest female protagonists and find out who those queens are!

1. Elizabeth Bennet

strong female characters

When talking about feisty the first female character that comes to mind is the strong and bold Elizabeth Bennet from the novel Pride and Prejudice. Her most-appealing characteristic is her self-sufficiency. This heroine of Jane Austen is relatable at so many levels. She is very human in the sense that she is not perfect, she is packed with her share of faults. One of her faults was the ‘prejudice’ that she had for many characters in the novel. But what makes her likable is her realization and acceptance of those faults.

2. Jo March

Josephine March from the novel Little Women is a lively, passionate, smart, and bold woman. She loves her freedom, loves to defy rules, and above all, she loves her family. She loves her family to the point that she chopped off her hair just to earn a tiny amount of money for them. She is a daydreamer and a writer who spends most of her days engrossed in books and writing, pouring her heart out on pages after pages creating stories and plays in her wooded hideaway. We meet her in her teenage years. She hopes to do something wonderful when she grows up – which she did!

3. Hermione Granger

strong female characters

The bold and intelligent Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series has been our favorite since childhood. She made us realize that being nerdy can also be attractive. The way she elegantly flaunts her bookworm nature and the loyalty she shows towards her friends is what makes us connect to her even more. Who started as a miss-know-it-all later saves her friends’ lives (multiple times) with her smartness and knowledge. Despite being a Muggle-born she is the one to whom magic comes naturally.

Moreover, when she appeared in her periwinkle-blue dress at the Yule Ball we fell head over heels in love with her beauty too. The friendship of Harry, Hermione, and Ron is admirable and the trio is incomplete without Hermione’s foresight and planning. So much about Hermione inspires us, be it her daringness, her loyalty, her intelligence, or her compromising nature. She is truly a superwoman attired as a witch.

4. Liesel Meminger

We meet Liesel Meminger in ‘The Book Thief’ when she was just 9 years of age. At such a tender age she has met with a series of unfortunate events like seeing her brother taken into the arms of death and separating from her mom and being left with a foster family. Liesel suffers a great amount of misery at the hands of fate. In the book, we see Liesel’s journey from being a troubled girl to becoming a smart, creative woman.

Liesel is brave and compassionate. Her character has developed from a bystander to a survivor throughout the novel. We as readers find ourselves going through a roller coaster of emotions ourselves. At times we sympathize with her, at times we disagree with her, but at every moment we feel connected to her.

5. Mrs. Ramsay

Mrs. Ramsay from ‘To The Lighthouse’ is a sweet, compassionate young lady with a big heart. She’s the mother of eight kids. She is a fascinating and dynamic character. She acts as a buffer between her husband’s harshness and her children’s sensitivity. Mrs. Ramsay’s job is to assist Mr. Ramsay when he shows signs of insecurity. She is attractive and charismatic, and she persuades others to do things they don’t want to do by utilizing her feminine charm. She is the ideal mother, able to control the entire family while being calm, caring, and gentle.

6. Jane Eyre

In the novel ‘Jane Eyre’, Jane’s strong personality is best understood in the context of her gender, as she exhibits features that defy and push the limitations of what Victorian women were supposed to do. She is fiercely self-reliant, and she is unafraid to question and challenge society. Jane transforms herself from a lonely and misunderstood orphan to a rich and influential lady.

7. Draupadi

The Palace of Illusions by Divakaruni is a novelized rendition of the classic Indian epic Mahabharata from the perspective of Draupadi. Divakaruni’s Draupadi is a self-centered, nervous woman who is uncompromising and has an unshakable will. Draupadi, the Mahabharata’s proud and enraged heroine, has remained an intriguing lady of significance. She discovers her role in altering history, as foretold at the moment of her birth. As a result, she is vehemently interested in the tale of her life.


These were some of the Strong Female Characters in Literature. We hope you found this article interesting and informative. Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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