Blue Shampoo: What Is It? [Before & After Compared]

You might recognize Blue Shampoo if you’ve heard of Purple Shampoo. In recent times, blonde women have employed purple shampoo due to the collaborative brassy tones in their blonde hair, and now brunettes can relish maintaining healthy-looking brown hair as well with the help of Blue Shampoo!

Blue shampoo cancels out all the red, orange, or copper tones that are easily and frequently noticeable mostly with brown hair, especially in a case where your hair has undergone chemical treatment.

Blue Shampoo is the ideal choice and the ultimate pick for you if you want to improve your caramel-colored, brown hair and style them in a breathtaking, gorgeous way. In this article, we will talk about Blue shampoo and everything related to it!

What is Blue Shampoo?

Blue Shampoo is a type of shampoo that color corrects your hair to its original color. When you shampoo your hair, the blue shampoo deposits several blue-violet pigments into your hair. It cancels out the brassy tones that come from lightening the hair and it also cancels out the uneven red, orange, and brass tones that brunettes often have to battle with.

Who Should Use Blue Shampoo?

Brown-haired people both men and women should use Blue Shampoo. It is the best shampoo for you if you have brown hair that has been pre-lightened, is ombré, or balayage, or if you have a blend of brown tones in your hair.

Uneven red and orange tones in brunettes’ hair are a common problem that can make their hair look brassy and drab. For brunettes specifically, Blue Shampoo is advised to help them develop gorgeous brown, caramel hair without the brassiness.

How to Use Blue Shampoo?

It adds a stunning gloss, coats the hair shaft, and reduces brassiness in your brown hair. Here’s how to use the infamous blue meds from Canadian pharmacy shampoo correctly to remove brassy undertones and maintain the cool brunette shade that you want.

Step 1: Apply blue shampoo gently to your damp hair. For the desired effect of the Blue Shampoo, be sure to distribute the shampoo evenly throughout your hair.

Step 2: Lather the shampoo, then wait two to three minutes for it to soak in and get absorbed.

Step 3: Rinse off the shampoo. It is advised to rinse off the shampoo with lukewarm water and then once with cold water, following it. This will help you to retain the shine in your hair.

Now, it is important to use a Blue Conditioner to maintain the results. Conditioner is crucial for color-treated hair that has become dehydrated. Your hair loses its inherent moisture when you dye and highlight it. After each shampoo, you ought to moisturize your hair with a conditioner. When we talk about washing your hair with blue shampoo, it is highly recommended that you use a blue conditioner, afterward.

If you want to get the most out of the blue shampoo, follow up each wash with a blue conditioner to help intensify the toning effects of the shampoo. If you use this shampoo and conditioner together, you will notice that your brown hair will be brighter, more vibrant, and cooler with just one wash.

How is Blue Shampoo different from other shampoos?

The blue shampoo is a neutralizer designed specifically for natural hair colors that are brown or a deep, almost black, brown. These darker hair colors contain orange or reddish pigments that become visible once they are bleached, giving the hair an unappealing appearance that can be said to be brassy and dull.

However, the blue shampoo deposits blue-violet pigments into the hair to balance and eliminate these unwanted brassy orange tones, leaving you with a lovely, natural brown tint which other shampoos cannot do for your hair.

By pairing a color’s opposite on the color wheel, one can achieve even-toned hair through a method known as the color theory. On the other hand, a typical shampoo’s goal is to remove buildup, oil, and grime from the hair and scalp. While some common shampoos might feature additives that improve the hair’s smoothness or gloss, they usually lack pigments and other qualities that could help with color correction.

How often should you use Blue Shampoo?

The frequency with which you use blue shampoo depends on your hair type, the degree of brassiness or red and orange tones you’re attempting to correct, and the instructions for the specific product you’re using. Blue shampoo should not be used daily because it can be drying and can cause immense damage to your hair if overused.

It is also critical to follow the directions on the specific product that you’re using, as some blue shampoos are more potent than others and may necessitate different application frequencies.

At the end of the day, you need to be careful as to how much and how frequently you use the blue shampoo. Over time, you could start using regular shampoo and conditioner in place of blue shampoo and blue conditioner, once the brassiness in your hair reduces and you achieve your desired hair color.

Before and After Effects of Blue Shampoo

If used correctly, blue shampoo can have visible results, swiftly. Here is a Before and After picture to give you an idea of how blue shampoo affects your hair tone and enhances the brown hues, while successfully removing the brassiness from your hair.

Is it worth it?

The blue shampoo’s worth is determined by your hair goals and needs, at the end of the day. It has traditionally been used to reduce brassiness in brown hair which can be caused by pollutants in the environment, hard water, chlorine, pre-lightening, hair treatments, or other factors. It has a cool pigment that helps to balance out any warm or yellow tones in your hair, using the color theory.

Because it contains various types of blue and purple pigments that help add a hint of lightness to the hair, blue shampoo is also used to brighten and lighten your otherwise dark, brown hair. While these pigments cannot significantly lighten hair, they can give it a much-needed subtle boost.

Overall, if you are in search of specific hair benefits like vibrant hair color, reduced brassiness, and subtle lightening, blue shampoo may be worth it for you. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a good everyday shampoo that still provides moisture, there are plenty of regular options available, and investing in a blue shampoo might not necessarily be the best option for you.


Those with irregularly toned brown hair who want to counteract brassy or yellow tones may realize that blue shampoo is indeed an effective solution. However, you must keep in mind that blue shampoo shouldn’t be applied excessively and ought not to be applied every day because doing so might make your hair look too cool or even grey.

You must choose a quality blue shampoo that is specifically made for your hair type and meticulously adhere to the instructions for the best results. Let us bid farewell to brass and say hello to sass, with the Blue Shampoo!

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