10 Best No-Makeup Looks of Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Jovon Ruth Pete popularly known as Megan Thee Stallion is an American rapper. The Hot Girl Summer singer is originally from   Houston, Texas. She grabbed the attention of the people when videos of her freestyling went viral on social media platforms like Instagram. She is the recipient of three Grammys, two MTV Music Awards, and four American Music Awards, among many others.

With each passing day, this Grammy-winning musician continues to hustle to accomplish her name in the rapping industry. However, she doesn’t let stardom, fame, and success get to her mind which is a pretty great thing. She is a superstar who tries to stay true to her authentic self.

Over the last few years, Stallion has stunned all of us with her amazing red carpet-looks. On the other hand, she has never been afraid of posting some sans makeup pictures of herself on social media. Every now and then, the Savage hitmaker flaunts her no-makeup looks on Instagram. During an earlier interview with Essence magazine, she revealed when she started doing makeup.

At that time, the famous rapper said, “I literally started doing makeup on myself when I was like in the seventh grade. My grandma would take me to CVS and Walgreens and I’d be like, ‘Please, can I get the little eyeshadow palettes?’ She’d buy me the single ones and I’d practice with her because my mom didn’t want me to wear it.”

When this talented musician was in eighth grade, her mom got more used to the world of makeup. Then, Megan went on to say, “She was like okay, Megan, whatever, just wear it.” She figured out most aspects of beauty and makeup at a young age except one and that’s eyebrows. She continued, “When I got to college is when I figured out and do my eyebrows properly.”

During her initial years, Revlon was her favorite brand. She told the publication, “Revlon was what I first started wearing. I remember it was a single palette and in my head, I see there was one blue color (blue is my favorite color) and one like coral color.” And from there on, she didn’t look back. Do you want to see no-makeup pictures of Megan Thee Stallion? Then, don’t waste any time and just keep scrolling. Continue reading further to catch a glimpse of some stunning no-makeup looks of the popular rapper.

Take a look at Megan Thee Stallion’s 10 no-makeup looks

1. It’s about damn time to say cheese

Megan Thee Stallion is well-known for rocking over-the-top wigs and dresses on various occasions like award shows and movie premieres but there are days when she likes to go makeup-free and let her skin breathe. In this sans makeup picture, the Tuned in Freestyle musician can be seen wearing an orange hoodie and a big smile on her face.

When we talk about her hairdo, she pulled her hair back in a high bun. She can be spotted embracing her natural beauty and she barely has a hint of makeup on her face. It seems like the happy no-makeup selfie of the rapper was taken in her house. We must say, her skin is glowing in the snap.

2. A fresh-faced no-makeup selfie of Megan Thee Stallion

This no-makeup picture of the Body crooner was shared by her on the social media platform Instagram in the year 2022. In the picture, she can be seen wearing sweats from Fashion Nova. At that time, she told her Instagram followers that she will be going without glam until the 2022 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival later that month.

“I’m really gonna try not to wear makeup until Coachella 😌lil comfy set @fashionnova,” she wrote in the caption of the post. The picture showed the sun hitting the face of the rap mogul Megan Thee Stallion. In the photo which was taken in a car, she can be seen showing off her clear skin. Later on, she performed at Coachella and looked drop-dead gorgeous in great outfits.

3. A workout selfie

There is nothing in the world like a post-workout glow and Megan Thee Stallion surely knows it. In the sans makeup picture shared below, the Texas native can be seen flaunting her natural beauty. In this no-makeup selfie clicked by the singer, she can be seen sporting workout clothes.

The workout snap of the musician showed her chilling in a park. She let her hair loose in the picture. It seems like she had a good time basking in the sun. As of now, it’s not unknown whether she was going for a workout or not. Her skin has a radiant glow in the photograph.

4. A morning selfie

Megan Thee Stallion has a crystal clear skin. In the morning’s no-makeup picture, the Freak Nasty singer can be seen putting her natural skin on display. In the sans makeup picture, she can be donning a grey top. She let her hair open and parted them right in the middle. The popular singer doesn’t need a tad bit of makeup to look beautiful cause she is beautiful just the way she is.

5. A vacation picture

The Texas Southern University graduate knows how to slay with or without makeup. In a slideshow of pictures shared on the social networking platform Instagram, the 28-year-old rapper showed off her flawless skin, natural hair, and curvy physique. She simply captioned the carousel post, “While I was away.”

It seems like Megan Thee Stallion decided to take a break from her busy schedule to chill and relax for some time. In the sans makeup picture, the Thot Shit singer can be rocking a blue bikini and she looks gorgeous as ever but her curls completely steal the show. She barely has a trace of her makeup on her face and still, she looks stunning.

6. A no-makeup selfie of the famous rapper

Megan’s selfie game is always on point. All of her selfies are just perfect. In this no-makeup selfie, the Cognac Queen musician can be seen wearing no makeup products but still, her features are stunning. During an earlier interview with Harper‘s Bazaar, Megan said, “Apparently the boys like me better with no makeup. But I really don’t care what the boys think. I like me.”

7.  Another stunning selfie of Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion has a pretty photogenic face. In September 2022, she dropped a series of no-makeup snaps of herself on the social media platform Instagram. “Giving myself and my hair a lil quick break until BRAZIL See you soon Brazilian hotties 🔥🔥🔥,” she wrote alongside the snaps.

Whenever she drops a sans makeup picture of herself on any social media platform such as Instagram, Twitter, and more, her fans flood the comments section of her post with loads of beautiful messages. At that time, one social media user stopped by the comments and wrote, “Natural beauty you should show this face more often.” Another fan chimed in, “I love it when you natural.” Followed by a third user who penned, “She looks 1000 times better natural just the way she was made.”


A fourth user went on to say, “You are beautiful with makeup but girl your natural look is stunning.” A social media user commented, “You are the only star I know that looks best just natural.” Another user wrote, “I love your style when you are performing and doing Cos-Play but your natural is the true essence of beauty.”

8. Skin care routine is important

The rapper takes good care of her skin. In the past, Megan took to her TikTok account to spill the beans on her skincare routine. In the screenshot shared, she can be seen asking her fans, “Y’ll want my skin care routine.” In this sans makeup picture, the singer looks pretty and it appears like she just has moisturizer on her face.

The picture showed the Captain Hook musician wearing a purple hoodie. She topped off her look with a pair of sunglasses. In the picture, her skin is glowing despite no makeup on her face.

9. Cool and random selfies

Megan knows how to click a perfect selfie. The camera loves her. In the sans makeup pictures shared below, she can be seen having a good time at her home while chilling in her pajamas. In one of the snaps, she can be seen making the peace sign in a red attire.

10. A bare-faced selfie

In this particular no-makeup snap, the Big Ole Freak singer can be seen posing for the camera while wearing a blue top and flaunting her beautiful curls. Her clear and glowing skin is visible in the selfie uploaded by her on social media.

We must say, Megan Thee Stallion is simply stunning with or without makeup on her face. At the moment, she is one of the best female rappers in the whole wide world. We can’t wait to see what the rap queen has in store for her fans all over the world. Check this space for more info about fashion, beauty, and more.

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