What Perfume Does Rihanna Wear? [2023 List]

It seems like the Grammy-winning musician Rihanna smells like heaven. In the past, we have seen many celebrities including the Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence, the Industry Baby crooner Lil Nas X, Bodak Yellow hitmaker Cardi B and American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, talking about her scent.

During an earlier interview, Lil Nas X was asked to describe his favorite smell and he responded, ‘Rihanna.’ In 2015, Ryan Seacrest tweeted, “I smell everyone on the red carpet and @rihanna was the best-smelling celeb at the grammys. #nowyouknow”  During her Hunger Games press tour, Jennifer recalled her meeting with Rihanna and said, “She was so so beautiful and had really, really soft skin and like smelled really good.” Read on to learn the name of the perfume Rihanna wears.

What Perfume Does Rihanna Wear?

Despite having launched a total of 11 perfumes with fragrance house Parlux, the Barbadian-born rock star doesn’t wear them. She dropped her first perfume way back in the year 2010. According to a report by Stylecaster, the This Is What You Came For hitmaker filmed a video with @StylishGent in 2016. In the video, he revealed that she’s wearing Love, Don’t Be Shy by Kilian. At that time, RiRi was in the background of the video, she looked totally annoyed that he was telling the world about her signature scent.

For those of you who are unaware, let us share with you, Kilian’s perfume Love, Don’t Be Shy was launched in the year 2007. It’s a sweet gourmand with unmistakable notes of marshmallow, vanilla, and caramel. As per the official website of Kilian, Love, Don’t Be Shy is a perfume that “makes itself known with juicy honeysuckle and plush rose softly caressed by the sweetness of a luscious marshmallow sugar accord, satisfying the craving pang of new love. A warm amber base lends a pulsing touch of sensuality, hinting at the possibility of soon knowing another soul, inside and out.”

Rihanna dropped her first scent under Fenty Beauty in the year 2021

In the year 2021, the Love The Way You Lie crooner gave a chance to her fans all over the world to finally smell like her. Her first perfume under her beauty brand Fenty Beauty, Fenty Eau de Parfum dropped in August 2021 and it sold out within a couple of hours of its launch. At that time, the fragrance was priced at $140.

The perfume Fenty Eau de Parfum made a comeback in December of the same year and like last time, it sold out in the blink of an eye. This perfume is inspired by the places and memories that Rihanna continues to cherish in her life including her hometown of Bridgetown, Barbados, Grasse, France, New York, New York, and others.


In a media interaction, the Fenty Beauty founder talked about the perfume and said, “That’s the thing I love the most: it’s an experience, it’s a memory, encapsulated into a fragrance. One smell, you’ll never forget it.”

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