WhatsApp Statistics 2021 – All Facts & Figures LISTED

With ever-developing technology, we can now send messages, voice notes, and whatnot over apps. One of them is WhatsApp that has been in use for a long duration since 2009. 

If you are keen to know about WhatsApp statistics, this post will help you with the same.

WhatsApp Stats

We have sorted the WhatsApp statistics according to several parameters. If you don’t want to miss out on the statistics’ details, then read until the end of the post. 

Before checking out the parameters, let’s have a quick look at what WhatsApp is all about.

WhatsApp: overview

WhatsApp has been running successfully since 2009 and has proven to be the most used messaging app. They initially released it for iOS users, but later in 2010, they released the app for android users. 

The messaging app has been growing ever since. It reaches new milestones every few years and has gained a lot of popularity worldwide. People can’t seem to get their work done if they don’t use the app, even for a single day. 

WhatsApp Overview

In 2014, Facebook took it over, and the app has become the most popular messaging app. Although it started as a text messaging app, we can now send voice notes, videos, pictures, along texts. 

Let’s now dive into WhatsApp statistics.

WhatsApp Statistics: All You Need to KNOW!

There are over 2 billion users of WhatsApp. This messaging platform has been in use for a long duration of time, and one can’t seem to work without it.

Let us look at the parameters over which they spread the statistics of WhatsApp.

Users of the app

The app reportedly had 2 billion users across the globe. The users are spread over 180 different countries, and the number of users has kept on increasing ever since the start of this app.

As of 2018, it had 1.5 billion users and had increased a half a billion from 2016 that had 1 billion users. With this rate, it has a half-billion users every two years. It is one of the top global messaging apps used. 

The US has 68 million users and 106 million users of the parent company, i.e., Facebook. The reported number of users in the US as of 2021 is 78.6 million and is supposed to rise to 85.8 million by 2023.

The higher numbers of users also lead to a broader reach and thus increases reach and opportunities for business. 

WhatsApp Popularity As a Messaging App

The messaging app has become an integral part of our lives. As we look at the statistics of monthly active WhatsApp users, we will get a clear picture. 

Since 2016, the number of monthly users has increased from 1 billion to now 2 billion active users. It has more monthly users than that of the parent company.

whatsapp messaging

The popularity of this app is surprising even after being blocked by the world’s populous country, China.

Out of all the other messaging services available, WhatsApp is the most popular and used by many every day. It ranks higher than its equivalents, like WeChat or QQ mobile. 

Downloads of the app

This statistic proves why it is such a popular app. With over 96 million downloads in just a month, it reached a next-level milestone.  

It ranks second in the most downloaded non-gaming app globally after TikTok. It ranks higher than its parent company Facebook’s downloads that hold the fifth position. 

The downloads from google play stores are more than the app store, showing more Android user downloads. 

 Availability of the app in different countries

WhatsApp has spread out to 180 countries across the globe. It is also available in various languages for the local people. 

It is available in many countries and is quite popular amongst them too. Countries in Europe like Spain, Italy, etc., have marked the highest availability. 

However, this app is banned or partially blocked in many countries like China, Syria, the UAE, Qatar, North Korea, Cuba. The partial block is for WhatsApp voice calls and video calls.

There are only a few countries where WhatsApp is not available or has not yet marked its presence. 

WhatsApp Usage per country

The users of this app are from over 180 countries. India is the largest market with a whopping 340 million users, followed by Brazil with over 99 million users. 

Even though WhatsApp has its origin in California, the US has only 68 million users, and only 26 million are monthly active users.

Statistics and experts suggest that by the end of 2023, there will be 85.3 million users of WhatsApp in the US. Surprisingly, even china has 2 million users despite the ban over the usage of this app.

Messages sent via WhatsApp on a daily account

Owing to the ever-growing popularity and daily usage, Whatsapp has billions of messages, voice notes, GIFs, and videos sent through it.

A decade ago, nearly about 1 billion messages were sent on a particular day, and now over 100 billion messages are being sent every day. 

The number of messages sent seems to increase every day. The ratio of messages per second is 1: 750,000, accounting for 45 million messages every minute.  

The messages are not limited to texts; you can send voice notes and make voice/video calls. This accounts for 2 billion minutes of usage every day. 

Age of WhatsApp users

In terms of the age of WhatsApp users, the app is popular amongst all age groups, but it is mainly used and enjoyed by the younger generation.

Every one out of five US adults uses the messaging app and is most preferred by young adults. According to a survey, 27% of young Americans in the age group of 25 to 35 use this app. 

Let’s have a look at the age group and usage distribution.

15-25: 19%

26-35: 27%

36-45: 20%

46-55: 17%

56 and above: 13%

We can note how the app’s usage reduces as the age increases. Nevertheless, the app is still used by many and by all age groups.

Usage of the WhatsApp status feature

Since 2017, the status feature by WhatsApp has gripped the attention of many. It has quite a resemblance to Snapchat. 

However, the usage and number of downloads ever since have been increasing and have surpassed the numbers that Snapchat had.

WhatsApp status

More than half a billion users use the WhatsApp status feature daily. It has only helped the app mark its presence in the social messaging services.


Is the WhatsApp app planning to change in 2021?

No, WhatsApp has stopped the changes they were going to implement.


Yes, WhatsApp is available in 60 different languages. These are the selective local languages of over 180 different countries.

What is the average time spent on WhatsApp?

The average time is 38 minutes per day on the app.

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Final Thoughts:

If you can’t remember the day where you didn’t open WhatsApp to check any messages, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. We indeed can’t seem to get through the day without using this app. 

We have covered the WhatsApp statistics for several parameters. The app has bloomed under its parent company Facebook and has surpassed it in many terms like several users and popularity. 

Despite the ban in few countries, it is still the most widely used and most popular messaging platform.

We hope our post about WhatsApp statistics was informative and exciting. Let us know if our post was helpful in the comment section below.

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